Image Guidelines

Please remember that is a COMMUNITY SITE, comprised of young teens/children and adults. Therefore, ALL Adult content is not appropriate and MUST NOT be uploaded to the site.

Adult content includes but is not limited to the following:

Nudity (glamour style etc.) and artistic nudity are wonderful art forms - they have and always will be very welcome on this site - they often show a models or photographers range and interest and are often a deciding factor in a photographers decision to work with a model or not, and vice versa. So it`s fine to have nude images as part of a portfolio.

Remember - Please RATE your images appropriately.

ALL images involving ANY form of nudity (including but not limited to hands-over-chest/nude back to camera or body-painted images) or those consisting of see-through/open meshed clothing MUST ALWAYS be rated R. Additionally, images which contain mature-theme subjects, including light Fetish and Bondage images (even those that are non-nude) are subject to approval, and must ALWAYS be rated R.

Since, adult or sexually explicit content is not welcomed or appropriate on OMP several things will occur if attempts are made to upload inappropriate images. The images will be blocked from public display, your account will be notified and access to upload additional images will be suspended until you remove the content in question. Depending on the severity of the issue, access to the profile or image manager may be suspended or even disabled.

Images Pertaining To Minors (Under Age 18)

ALL images must also be age appropriate. While OMP recognizes that different parts of the country or the world may accept or condone certain content at younger than 18 years of age, reserves the right to prevent the display of or even remove certain images of models under 18 ("minor") if the images display any minor in a provocative or inappropriate manner (i.e.- "upskirt" or lingerie) . This process will also apply to images where the "minor" is fully clothed. Nudity, partial nudity and see through images are not appropriate for any "minor" on OMP. Additionally, images depicting minors (models under 18-regardless of country of origin) with tobacco, weapons, drugs and alcohol as well as images which contain profanities are subject to removal (upon discovery) on OMP.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or any other site-related inquiries, please feel free to contact the Office of Member Services at the phone number listed below. Please haver your OMP ID# ready when calling.

Office of Member Services: 954-727-5340

Last review 04/24/2009