Image Guidelines is a professional COMMUNITY SITE. Our image guidelines are meant to help maintain a high level of quality as well as protect our younger members from viewing certain images.


The following images are NOT allowed at OMP:


Nudity, whether it be artistic, fine art, or glamour has always and will always be welcome on this site.

In the case where a member does upload an inappropiate image, the image will be blocked from public display and the member will be notified. Depending on the severity of the issue, a member may be suspended from uploading images. In extreme cases, an account may be closed.  

Other images besides those listed above may be blocked by admins if they are deemed unprofessional, in poor-taste, or irrelevant to the site.

Main Profile Image Requirements

Please make sure that your main profile image is at least 600 pixels on the image's longest side. Smaller images will be stretched and may appear pixelated. Some members including but not limited to photographers and models are required to have a main profile image with no more than 5% text, logo, or watermark. This rule is not applicable to Agency, Publisher, or advertiser members. Spreads, collages, or any other displays of multiple images are not allowed for a main profile image.

Please remember to RATE your images appropriately.

ALL images involving ANY form of nudity including body-paintings or those consisting of see-through / open meshed clothing MUST ALWAYS be rated R.

In the case where a member mis-rates an image, OMP admins will correct the rating and the image will be locked so that the rating cannot be changed. Members who continuously upload G-rated nude images will be notified. If a member continues to mis-rate images after being notified, the member's account may be restricted. In extreme cases, the account may be closed.

Images Pertaining To Minors (Under Age 18)

ALL images must also be age appropriate. While OMP recognizes that different parts of the world may accept or condone certain content at younger than 18 years of age, reserves the right to remove certain images of models under 18 ("minor") if the images display any minor in a provocative or inappropriate manner (i.e.- "upskirt" or lingerie). This process will also apply to images where the "minor" is fully clothed. Nudity, partial nudity and see-through clothing images are not appropriate for any "minor" on OMP. Additionally, images depicting minors with tobacco, weapons, drugs and alcohol are subject to removal.