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Love for Actors, Artists and Others

Who are the others? Actors, artists, stylists, agencies, make-up artists, and film & TV professionals.
How to get started as a working professional in this industry:

Gain experience. Take an acting class. Join a theatre group. Be an extra in a film. Though sometimes these opportunities are not paid, you will gain valuable insight and experience that you can add to your resume.
Build a portfolio online and start networking! You can create an online portfolio on One Model Place and start getting noticed right away.
Go to Auditions. Once your portfolio has been created, you can start contacting agencies and go to auditions and casting calls. Look through our casting section to get started. The only thing left to do is to march into those auditions and strut your stuff!



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Others in the Beauty Industry

Do you know what others in this industry can offer? Beauty is the real industry here at OMP. Models and photographers could not do their jobs without the hard work of beauty professionals like hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, clothing designers, and jewelry artists. Bring more attention to these essential players in the fashion world and check out their portfolios.

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