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What is One Model Place?      

One Model Place is an online community for models, photographers, and creative talents with almost 200,000 active members. One Model Place started in 1997 and has grown to a thriving company with over 20 employees working on designing, programming, and overseeing the day-to-day activities on the site. OMP is a privately-owned corporation.

Why are ​we here?

Our mission is to serve the modeling, photography, and associated industries by offering the opportunity to create and maintain a powerful online presence regardless of a user's technical skills, geographic location or experience. OMP provides models, photographers, casting agents, and clients access to the most diverse talent pool that the world has ever seen.

Onlinesince 1996

Active Members 50,000+

Casting Calls 548

Images online 2,117,756



"One Model Place has helped my career in many ways. It is great for networking. You can stay in contact with everyone in the same line of work."
Debra (OMP Model # 215070)
"OMP is the largest online model community and networking. The tools make my job so much easier. Anyone who is not an OMP member simply is cheating themselves out of an efficient tool."
Jason Ruark of “Silver Dreams” (OMP Photographer # 91114)
"I wanted a venue that would get me noticed and also provide a vehicle to network. OMP provides both!"
Leo (OMP Model # 145117)

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