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Why is the Image Galleries section so Popular?

Image Galleries and their evolution

Image galleries used to be the only place where art lovers could go to admire the art and photography exhibits that inspired them. Nowadays, you can find pretty much anything on the internet. Photographers and artists have had to adapt to this new venue to show their work. OMP knows how important online tools can be for visual artists, and we take it very seriously. Our galleries are a reflection of the age-old tradition of showing your work in a public venue. Now, instead of having your audience confined to one gallery, you have the entire world as your audience. For a price much lower than a gallery exhibit, you can have your work appreciated by hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.



How can I be chosen as a Featured Model or Photographer?



Here at One Model Place, we have hundreds of thousands of active portfolios. Through the immense diversity of portfolios and images posted daily on this website, the OMP staff becomes familiar with certain photographers and models as they upload more images to their portfolios. Sometimes, models and photographers just stand out because of the quality of their work. We select Featured Members to reflect the very best of what OMP has to offer. If you are selected by our staff, you will be notified via the telephone number furnished when you created your portfolio. If you want to be more proactive, you can always ask! Even if your request is not approved, we can give you guidance on what to improve. It never hurts to draw attention to your portfolio, especially since your skills are constantly evolving and improving.


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Why are there so many nude images in the Gallery?

The short answer is that nude photography simply had a big head-start. Photography, as an art form, appreciates the beauty of the human body, and strives to capture the essence of a person through their body language, the only universal language. The nude photographs we display follow the tradition of classic art, using the human form as artistic expression. We strictly prohibit any kind of pornography on One Model Place. We present artistic nudes as an homage to the classic artistic tradition – nude Greek sculptures, nude Renaissance-era paintings, and countless other artistic eras in which nudity is common.

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