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2015 Spring Break Modeling Competition

2015 Spring Break Model Competition - results

1st Place - Missy olivares (OMP ID: 968620)

2nd Place - Thais Garavello (OMP ID: 996291)

3rd Place - Nicola Valda (OMP ID: 985354)

4th Place - CARO (OMP ID: 969497)

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5th Place - Kelsey Quayle (OMP ID: 968200)

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Kelsey Quayle></a> 
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6th Place - Jace lisa (OMP ID: 976015)

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7th Place - DE'ANNE ROYE (OMP ID: 168998)

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8th Place - ALYSSA CEKLOSKY (OMP ID: 1016069)

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9th Place - DIANNA FALCONE (OMP ID: 1008676)

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Prizes from OMP

First Place Model will receive:

• Free Travel to Panama City Beach, Florida
• A Platinum Plus OMP Membership for a Year
• An OMP Featured Model spot for a month

Second Place Model will receive:

• A Platinum OMP Membership for a Year

Two Models will receive:

• A Gold OMP Membership for a Year

Five Models will receive:

• A Silver OMP Membership for a Year


Prizes from Classmate USA

First Place Model will receive:

•Eligiblility to Appear in the next Classmate USA Spring Break Calendar
• $1,000 cash award if selected for the Front Cover
• $550 cash award if selected for the Back Cover
• Swimwear and Professional Tanning Products provided by other sponsors.
• Room and board accomoddation in Panama City Beach, Florida

*Nine finalists will be selected by the OMP staff on February 17th, 2015. OMP will provide one selected finalist with up to FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($550) for transportation to Panama City Beach, Florida where the finalist will compete for the title of “Spring Break '15 OMP Model of the Year.“ If the cost of transportation to Panama City Beach, Florida is greater than FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($550), the selected finalist will either be required to pay any additional costs or decline to take part in the competition. Spring Break '15 OMP Model Competition is open to ALL fully approved female models/actors, 18 years or older at the time they enter the competition, and live in the United States. You MUST read, understand and agree to the rules of this competition before entering. While in the competition, you MUST comply with all the rules, or you may/will be disqualified. This is a non-nude competition, participants whose main image contains nudity will be disqualified. **Neither OMP nor its affiliates are responsible for any prize(s) to be awarded by Classmate USA. No purchase necessary to win.

To find out more about the calendar and Classmate USA, please go to www.classmateusa.com.

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